Unilift KP

Unilift KP pumps are submersible drainage pumps for pumping drain water or grey wastewater. The KP is suitable for both temporary and permanent free-standing installation or installation in collecting tanks. All Unilift KP pumps can be supplied with or without a level switch for automatic or manual operation. The strainer is clipped onto the pump housing and can easily be removed for cleaning and maintenance.


Features and benefits

  • Easy to remove strainer clipped onto the pump housing for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Robust design
  • All metal parts in contact with the pumped liquid are made of stainless steel
  • Outer casing is made in one piece.
  • Canned motor with liquid-filled rotor chamber Water-lubricated bearings.
  • Motor incorporates automatic overload protection.


The Unilift KP pumps are designed for the pumping of:

  • Water from rivers and lakes
  • Rainwater, drainage water and water from flooding
  • Water for filling/emptying containers, ponds, tanks, etc.
  • Effluents from showers, washing machines and sinks below sewer level
  • Pool water
  • Ditch drainage water
  • Lowering groundwater
  • Domestic effluents from septic and sludge-treating systems
  • Effluents from viaducts, underpasses, etc.

Brochures & Technical Data